About Zuriwearableart

Zuri is a Swahili word that means 'beautiful.' Our offering of beauty uplifts the spirit and delights the soul. Each piece created is distinctly individual, never to be replicated again. There may be occasional twins but are never identical. It gives the bearer a sense of value for oneself, knowing that her jewelry is unique, just as every woman is. In the past, women have ornately decorated themselves with well-embellished apparel. They hid their natural beauty behind thick layers of make-up and elaborate hair-dos.


However, the modern woman wants to break free from the past. This is the time when natural beauty reigns. This is precisely why we came up with pieces that bring the beauty out of every woman. Each piece is an expression of their inner being, their experiences, fantasies, and their ultimate desires. Radiant, glistening, and glowing. These are what women want to be inside-out. Women want to be simply beautiful and not seriously avant-garde all the time--not pretentious but welcoming--and that's what Zuri Wearable Art is all about.


About the Artist

Hershey Morgan has become synonymous with luxury and modernism. A serious jewelry couturier with a powerful and unique vision, Hershey takes luxury to its zenith, designing for the dreamlike and elegant woman.

Born in the Philippines on the 11th of December 1976, Hershey’s interest in jewelry & clothing lines started at the young age of 9. She spent much of her free time sorting out diamonds and gemstones, drawing sketches for her mother’s jewelry & woman’s apparel shop in the Philippines.

In 2006, Hershey Morgan opened Zuri Fashion Accessories manufacturing in Paranaque Metro Manila. She began designing luxurious and exquisite gemstone pieces of jewelry with the concept of wearable art.

It is a relatively new path she is charting but one that shows forth willpower and resolves behind creations that are at once captivating and useful. Hershey offers a pleasant alternative to personal ornamentation by introducing her functional art pieces. Her creations provide a fresh option for looking at jewelry-making and wearing, which put emphasis on the quality and intricacy of design. Her offering of beauty uplifts the spirit and delights the soul. Each piece created is one of a kind, giving the wearer a heightened sense of self and value for self, knowing that the jewelry she wears is unique, just as every human being is unique.

Hershey quickly proved her talent when showcased her first Zuri wearable art couture collection during the International Jewelry Exhibition 2009 held at Suntec City, Singapore. Hershey’s astounding debut wearable art collection under the Zuri brand dazzled the Singapore market.

Zuri hosted one of the talks during the 2009 International Jewelry Exhibition in Singapore, where Hershey Morgan was the speaker for two consecutive days about “TRENDS AND TRADITIONS.” She also shared some vital information about diamond and gemstone and jewelry fashion.

Hershey’s wearable art collections become a magnet to socialites clamoring to buy her ZURI wearable art couture collections. Her successive couture collections were an enduring testament to her ability to innovate as she always showcased jewelry that was always feminine and alluring.