Rekindled Simplicity with Zuri Classic
A promise of beauty and modesty at its best lingers through the testimony of a delightful expression.

Women in Focus

Plain, bare, unadorned – these are the words that we associate with the property of being simple. Though it may sound like the absence of ornaments, the concept of simplicity arrives in various ways, either in design, character or lifestyle. In design, simplicity is the basic. It revolves around the play of lines, shapes, and one color. Despite being marked as unenergetic, this trend never fails to be in the fashion list. It comes back all over again through time. Another is the simplicity in character that comes through a woman’s outlook in life. It is shown by the execution of her actions and words. Here enters the subject of simplicity in lifestyle which is the fruit of a woman’s perspective in fashion and character. Simplicity is beauty, they say. As a woman transpires these elements, there is a thing that symbolizes her simplicity. The combination of design, character and lifestyle tied into a knot that holds the elements together – the wearable art of Zuri Classic.

The new definition of simplicity has been made by Zuri Classic. It is a collection created with talented and skilled hands for an expression that would last forever. Filled with strength and individuality, each classic piece stands anew. It is crafted for women whose drive for style leads to the basics with an edge. Zuri Classic motivates a woman’s desire to give a deep attraction to the essence of a true jewellery. It adheres to the love for an authentic piece that came from afar without blemish.

Through digging in the realms of Zuri Classic’s philosophy on simplicity, a woman reveals her inner beauty. Just like the different perspectives in design, character and lifestyle, this wearable art originated from a complexity of raw materials that beautifully result to a classic piece. When you look at it closely, the faithfulness of its creators and designers are unarguably evident. It is simply beautiful and cohesive from a distance.

To the Persona

Simplicity is enhanced by the collection of Zuri Classic. It denotes a promising look for a simple woman who loves to accessorize in her everyday life. With the use of gemstones and other authentic materials for jewelleries, it assures a new heartening piece that manifests an exotic beauty that comes from the inside.


ZURI CLASSIC is a product of Zuri Wearable Art (Zuri) that specializes in producing designs for modern women who have an innate love for accessories and give importance to simplicity. Zuri Creative Chief Director Hershey Chan’s passion for the art mirrors this collection through her works that renders one of the essential roles of women in the world which is to promote simplicity in character and lifestyle.

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