Wonderland Reborn in Zuri Couture
Traces of fashion treasure lure a woman to fathom the call of a revealed garment prominence.

Women in Focus

Imagine a place full of colors, rich in patterns and has serene ambiance. The blending of components significantly creates the picture of happiness in its highest form. You step in right at the doorstep of the most awaited venue for years. This is where your inner self meets a partner that’s worthwhile for a lifetime. Undeniably sophisticated and elegant, beholding this space brings you to a world of relationship. Little rooms of your intimate passion have been made known by this place. You are now ready to be in an affair you one can’t resist. It is then your love for fashion and dignity secluded for your own social standing.

This famed wonderland bears pieces of magic. The transformation from reality to a dream came to overrule your fancy. With the inspiration to create the medal of one’s burning heart for individualized style, here comes the wearable art from Zuri Couture.
Even if you treat it is as a nostalgic allure or a present artistic force, it still represents a modern woman who has molded her image in the fullness of time. Zuri Couture dedicates a wide venue to let others discover your character. The distinctive flaunting of a newfound fashion is then revealed. It indeed shows the effortless beauty as these accessories truly prevail a trend that lies within all eyes.

Every single detail is eclectic. The one whole piece is a collaboration of fashion, sophistication, and magic. Crafted in such a way that’s importantly careful and artful, Zuri Couture conveys the true statue of a woman with propriety and definitive expression.

To the Persona

Zuri Couture encourages modern women to exhibit their personalized style. Without further adherence to other people, women who would carry this wearable art bring it with focus on details and impact. It is an expression of their desired identity with a touch of elegance and luxury.

The Product: ZURI COUTURE:

ZURI COUTURE is a product of Zuri Wearable Art (Zuri) that specializes in producing designs for fashionable and modern women who want a unique identity in their style. The first couture collection was primarily showcased in Singapore International Jewellery Show last 2009. Since then, Zuri Creative Chief Director Hershey Chan continues to designs that depict beauty with high end components.

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