Nature’s Concinnity from Zuri Statement
Surrender to Mother Earth’s offering of harmony and elegance in an au courant declaration.

Women in Focus

Every thing you see around is a product of the world’s creator. From the skies, trees, mountains, your home, and even the strands of your hair, is it apparent that all of the earth’s components served as a favor from the one above. The physical world continuously develops in a scientific manner that envelops people to such beneficial acts. Grateful as people are, remarkable advantages give extensive help such as food, water and shelter. These things unite together to fulfill their purpose.

As nature plays its role for people, it is time to give back the love that our Mother Earth deserves. Being good stewards and promoting advocacy for the environment goes beyond. As people source every single thing from nature, a better way to cherish it is to produce it in an artistic way. This has been the thrust of one of the world’s famous wearable art, the Zuri Statement collection. Zuri Creative Chief Director, Hershey Chan proclaims her love for the nature through the creation of fiery hue of red corals and turquoise which are apparent in her works. The pieces are designed with other gemstones to establish a fashionable mark. Especially designed for women, this wearable art summarizes one’s goal to be unique in her look even from the advent of human’s passion for the art. This is in line with the woman’s love for the elements that came from natural resources. Wearing pieces from this collection also takes pride in having one of the most celebrated designs from the country. Indeed, Zuri Statement has mastered the craft of rendering a look that naturally captivates.

For several years, fashion has been blooming with a grand aim for the future to be the best and the latest. Zuri Statement is on the track with this goal – promoting the finest and richest resources in the country, while innovating designs that extensively leave a mark. For the love of nature and art, it is true that this collection has successfully harmonized with elegance disclosed in extravagant pieces.

To the Persona

Zuri Statement is a manifestation of a woman’s love for the nature and the art. The designs of this collection inculcate important roles of nature’s elements in us.
By being the ambassadress of Zuri Statement, one’s advocacy on the environment would be revealed as an inspiration to other fashion enthusiasts.


ZURI STATEMENT is a product of Zuri Wearable art (Zuri) that specializes in producing designs for fashionable and modern women who prioritize the essence of the nature with style and confidence in the accessories they wear. Zuri Creative Chief Director Hershey Chan testifies her utmost love for the nature through her works that are honed by the one above.

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