International Jewelry Show 2009-Zuri Launches the first ever Couture Collection

By: Hershey Morgan

January 18, 2021

Categories: Events

Singapore International Jewelry Show 2009
July 29 to Aug. 02,2009, Suntec City, Singapore


The Birth of the First
Zuri Wearable Art launches the First Couture Collection

The first ever Couture collection of ZURI WEARABLE ART was showcased during the Singapore International Jewellery Show at Suntec City, Singapore last July 30 to August 2, 2009.

With the right bearing and admired confidence, the ambassadors of ZURI WEARABLE ART (Zuri) walked all the way through the ramp for a mission and vision. It is the mission to proclaim the unique beauty of the new collection and the vision to capture future lovers of wearable art. Singapore International Jewellery Show (SIJS) is an annual jewellery, gems, accessories, and lifestyle exhibition held to promote the works of passionate artists world-wide. Over 190 qualified participants from 25 countries internationally get to join this exhibition every year. After three years when Zuri brand was established in 2006, it ventured out into a quest for innovative designs and finally owned a spotlight in SIJS.

Zuri Couture is a collection of wearable art that heightens the allure of the fabric with the help of passion and creativity. These artistically-designed pieces come in collar neck pieces which turn a woman to a sophisticated and voguish icon. Each stone, each strand, and each fabric used in any piece constructs an image of an expressive woman. She is a woman who wants an intimate fashion sense – the sole one that has an extraordinary personality. Zuri gave a new trail in wearing jewellery by introducing wearable art.

Together with other jewellery brands, Zuri proved that the artful charm is right within dedicated and creative hands. This jewellery exhibit in 2009 opened the doors for Zuri to be introduced to a wider and better market which in the first place deserved a bunch of bows.