Miss Resort World Manila 2010

By: Hershey Morgan

January 18, 2021

Categories: Events

Zuri Wearable Art sponsors Miss Resorts World 2010




Over 28 gorgeous Filipina women had experienced to present one of the world’s finest wearable art brought by ZURI WEARABLE ART. at the Miss Resorts World 2010.
It was a night overflowing with an awesome crowd giving honour and respect to the representatives of Filipina beauty last November 11, 2010 held at the Newport Performing Arts Theater. The beauty of Filipinas has long reigned extravagant not only in the country, but most remarkably in international pageants. It is our country’s full confidence that beauty comes together with the brain. Resorts World Manila, well-known as the first integrated tourist hub in the Philippines, hosted a competition dedicated to showcase the true essence of a Filipina. As ZURI WEARABLE ART. (Zuri) renders a wonderful craft to different parts of the world and promotes passion for gems and jewellery designs, Zuri wholeheartedly offered their resources for the pageant.

Two parts of the pageant favoured the elegant and splendid character of the wearable art. During the swimsuit competition, every contestant carried Zuri in the most lustrous way. A long pile of effortless beauty was then revealed as each wearable art compliments the color of the swimsuit. What made the event more glamorous was when the women besting for the title walked through the ramp and bestowed their high-end night gowns. A perfect picture of luxury in combination with fashion and passion was clearly showed in every smile and glide of the contestants. Zuri incredibly mastered the functionality of its designs that still brings out the beauty within.

The first ever Miss Resorts World Manila is Wendy Tabusalla who was blessed to be crowned with a masterpiece by Zuri. Crafted with love and effort, the crown was made from the Philippines’ finest pearls. It was especially patterned after the logo of RWM. Another masterpiece from Zuri is the neck and shoulder piece that Tabusalla had worn during the coronation night. It was made from Garnet, a precious gemstone used since the Bronze age of the ancient times. Maxene Mamba, first runner-up, and Anthea Murfet, second runner-up, also respectively won the eyes of the audience for their sparkling beauty.