Miss Zuri 2011 (Philippines)

By: Hershey Morgan

January 18, 2021

Categories: Events

Lady Gem
Miss Zuri Alissa Jean Du imparts her dedication to be a representative of beauty, honor and passion.


The quest for knowledge and experience had lead a young lady to join Miss Tourism Philippines 2011 and finally gained the crown of being the Miss Zuri 2011. Born on the 8th day of September in the year 1991, Alissa Jean Du, more known as Lyte by her family and friends, is an epitome of love and perseverance ever since her childhood years. She began to exhibit her utmost efforts through engaging herself to swimming and playing underwater hockey. These would require her time and hard work to jive with her academic standing. In every thing she do, the strive for excellence comes first. Studies is one of her top priorities to achieve her goal to be a dean’s lister each year. Taking up a tourism degree in Southville International School and Colleges, Lyte has seen a door for her to become the best she can be. “I joined the pageant (Miss Tourism Philippines 2011) because I want to push my capabilities to the limit. As a tourism student, I have to learn how to speak and carry myself with confidence in front of the public. I also love gaining a lot of experience and knowledge. My parents also told me to seek greatness within me and that’s why I considered Miss Tourism Philippines 2011 as a great opportunity for myself development,” says Lyte.
Preparations honed Lyte before she stepped into the stage with the spotlight on her. Her family, who has been supportive all throughout the course of the pageant, played a significant role to the fame she was blessed with. Despite not being included in the top three Miss Tourism winners, it is with great joy that she proudly represents one of the most prestigious Jewelry brands in the country. As Lyte delightfully shared, “It was very overwhelming. When Ms. Hershey Chan further elaborated about being chosen as Miss Zuri, I felt very blessed. I believe that Zuri showcases women with substance; hence, I’ll represent it with integrity by being progressive in character, by living it up to its advocacies and by continually growing as a person.” She shares her desire to promote a responsible tourism by taking obligations in sustaining the environment as Zuri’s goal is to promote wearable art. It is also with a sincere commitment that Lyte would like to make an impact to help generate the future employment for local people.
Zuri Creative Chief Director expressed her gladness in choosing Lyte as the Miss Zuri 2011. “I made the right decision upon choosing her because of her charm and beauty. She stands out among other candidates when it comes to elegance,” says Chan. No doubt that Lyte has become the next face of Zuri. She humbly accepted her award with grace and thankfulness. She believes that a beauty competition is all about self progression and there is always a crown for every woman in the world. But above her victory is a weapon and source of strength. “God is my inspiration. I put God first in everything and I do what I love. If God is the center of your life, all the best things will fall into place.” ended Lyte. Alissa Jean Du – a woman of beauty, honor and passion.

(Quotation from Lyte for Zuri:)
“Beauty, elegance and charm dictate the standards of a woman who is able to accessorize herself with grace, intelligence, compassion and good influence.” – Alissa Jean Du, Miss Zuri 2011