Powerful Partners – Zuri Wearable Art join hands with Illumine last March 01, 2011

By: Hershey Morgan

January 18, 2021

Categories: Events

Powerful Partners
Zuri join hands with Illumine last March 01, 2011



An agreement was successfully made between two established companies in the country. ZURI Wearable Art (Zuri) appointed Illumine Import Export Design Marketing Corporation (Illumine) as the exclusive distributor and representative of Zuri products for Southeast Asia, Japan & USA.

The beginning of the month of March in the year of 2011 became a stepping stone for Zuri to reach its target market across countries. Over the past seven years, Zuri has been making a big name for the quality and originality of its products. The design and manufacturing team of Zuri in the Philippines renders its fully committed service to invite the international audience. Since 2006, avid customers continue to strengthen their love affair with the wearable art. And due to the increasing demand of the products, Zuri decided to find a trusted partner that would extensively promote Zuri’s design thrust.

Last March 1, Zuri and Illumine formally signed an agreement. Both parties lend each other’s hand to take a journey for a successful marketing goal. Illumine is a marketing firm whose platforms involve brand distribution, brand development and marketing, online sales and customized design and production outsourcing. It is a team that links fashion products to the global market with its expertise and experience. Since excellence is within Illumine’s core values, the efforts of the partners build interest and impact in one. It is the interest to promote Zuri as a significant wearable art; and it is the impact of making a fashion forward change in the industry.

Zuri Creative Chief Director Hershey Chan together with Illumine President Darryl Modelo share both creativity and passion for the art. This is also a combination of social responsibility and profitability. The development of this partnership would lead to helping the economy to revive – from creating jobs for the poor people and up to revitalizing profit for the country’s financial stability. It is not simple a marketing geared towards fame, but a meaningful partnership most remarkably for advocacy.