Trends & Traditions – Talk by Hershey Chan During the 5th International Jewellery Show in Singapore

By: Hershey Morgan

January 18, 2021

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Zuri Wearable Art Trends and Traditions

The Woman behind Zuri
Creative Chief Officer Hershey Chan talks about her creations and inspiration during the 5th International Jewellery Show in Singapore last July 29 to Aug. 02, 2009

ZURI Wearable Art Creative Chief Officer Hershey Chan was given the privilege to speak about “Trends and Inspiration” that made her successful in the field of designing and manufacturing wearable art. The talk was held during the Singapore International Jewellery Show 2009 at Suntec City, Singapore.

For Hershey Chan, a mix of relationship, influence, and inspiration is the key holder of success – relationship that came to bind, influence that came to teach, and inspiration that came to strengthen. Zuri had come a long way across joys and challenges before hitting the right track. As the etymology of the word ‘Zuri’ is beautiful in Swahili word, the pieces have a one-of-a-kind outlook. Each gives an emphasis on quality and intricacy of design which elevates it to a wearable art. “My innovation in calling my works ‘Functional Art Pieces’ asserts the idea that wearing our jewellery is as magical as wearing an art like paintings & sculpture. Our pieces are not only accessories but actually works of art that fall under the category of Wearable art”, says Hershey Chan. These are especially made for women who desire to be remembered and for women who possess a heart for fashion.

As words of inspiration continued, each collection establishes the wearable art to the audience as a piece that was made from precious stones and other finest Asian materials. And among all materials, gemstones are the favourites of Designer Chan that visibly revolve around all the collections. Zuri Statement is the symbol of Designer Chan’s love for nature that directs to the hue of red coral and turquoise with pearl embellishments. Zuri Couture is the magical approach to high fashion collar neck pieces and handbags, while the Classic collection depicts a simple but a radically beautiful masterpiece.

Jewellery trends were given highlight to connect the latest clothing to the existence of Zuri’s wearable art. Also, helpful tips were raised by Designer Chan to glam up any season’s outfit. It was given statement that the spotlight for jewellery was made known to create one’s signature look. To add, color schemes gave the natural blend of design and the material. Even the components of a synthetic and real gemstones or diamonds were discussed. The credibility of the speaker was indeed shown with the factual but subjective and friendly approach of the talk. As a result, the audience were satisfied and inspired at the same time. Truly, to master a specific craft really takes hard work and a lot of patience. Designer Chan managed to play with it in an enjoyable manner. It took her a dose of love, effort, and passion. “I take life itself as the biggest inspiration. I am inspired by everything I experience: galleries, travels, sinful desserts, and a great love as well!” Designer Chan ended.