10 Crystal Earrings collection for Holiday Gifting

By: Zuri Wearable Art

November 24, 2022


1. Blue sunstone crystal heart shape with swarovski crystals drop earrings


2. Peridot and Opalite Crystal drop Earrings


3. Amethyst crystal chips drop Earrings


4. Pink Magenta Agate Crystals with glass seed beads drop Earrings


5. Rubilites crystal drop earrings


6. Rosequartz with Garnet crystal drop Earrings


7. Purple agate and amethyst crystal chips drop earrings


8. Opalite crystals drop earrings


9. Freshwater pearls and amethyst crystal 925 sterling silver earrings


10. Fresh water pearl dangling earrings with turquoise and red corals